Best Mac VPN *August 2016 Updated*

Mac, like every other operating system is not immune to vulnerabilities and cyber attacks. This very fact calls for employing measures to ensure data and identity protection. A Mac VPN enables users to secure the connection, avoid known and unknown threats, evade unwarranted surveillances, and become anonymous online. For Macintosh users, a Mac VPN is nothing less than a blessing. Mac VPN opens the doors of safe, secure and free world to Mac users - a world where their information is secure and their identities are protected. There are very few VPN providers for Mac, and even fewer if filtered by the number of security features offered. Top VPNs among the fewer Mac VPN providers that specializes in providing enhanced security and online privacy features are provided below:

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$2.49per month
    • 7 Day Money Back Guarantee
    • 80,000+ IPs in 141+ countries
    • iOS & Android apps are available
    • 24*7 live chat is available
    • 5 multi-logins available
    • Unlimited data transfer
    • Strict no logging policy
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$6.49per month
    • 25,000+ IPs in 60+ countries
    • iOS & Android apps are available
    • 24*7 live chat is not available
    • 2 multi-logins available
    • Strict no logging policy
    • Dedicated gaming servers
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$8.32per month
    • VPN Servers in 78+ countries>
    • iOS & Android apps are available
    • 24*7 live chat is available
    • 1 multi-login available on a single device
    • 30 day money back gurantee
    • Unlimited bandwidth & serverswitches
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What is Mac VPN?

A Mac VPN is the solution to the on-going government-sanctioned surveillance. It is a tool that keeps hackers and cybercriminals at bay. With a Mac VPN, users can access geo-blocked websites to watch their favorite TV shows, listen to their favorite songs, and to stream their favorite movies. In layman terms, Mac VPN is that one magic pill that will eliminate all the ills of cyberspace and internet censorship.
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Threats to Mac Users

Mac was once believed to be the safest operating system of the world, until vulnerabilities of the system became public. Mac users are now aware that their devices are not immune to cyber attacks and government surveillance. The cyber attacks on Mac devices has challenged the invincibility of Apple's operating systems. However, with best Mac VPNs such as expression that we have recommended above will effectively protect users against all these threats.

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Cyber Attacks

In 2012, the Flasback Trojan infected over 600,000 Macs and shattered the popular claim of the company that Mac "does not get PC viruses." With increasing number of Mac users, cybercriminals saw an opportunity and started employing sophisticated techniques to target Mac users. Previously, Mac devices were not so common and the efforts required to attack a Mac device outweighs the benefits cyber criminal could yield.

The situation is reversed, and now millions of people use iPhones, iPad, MacBook, and Mac Pro as well as other Apple's devices every day. This situation reversal is also beneficial for cyber criminals, as exploiting vulnerabilities of Apple's devices has become profitable. Cyber criminals now dedicate more time and resources to attack Mac devices.

Since, cyber criminals and hackers are gearing up to attack Mac devices it is time for Mac users to guard themselves against these threats. Here is where a VPN for Mac comes in. Best Macintosh VPN makes users invisible in cyber space, encrypt their data, and protect their privacy. When using a VPN services for Mac, a user need not to worry about cyber attacks, as the military grade encryption employed by Mac VPNs make it logically impossible for cyber criminals to decrypt the information and exploit it.


Ransomware is a new breed of malware that blocks users from accessing  their devices or encrypts part or all the information on their devices. The attackers then demands ransom from users to release their device or decrypt their data. There is nothing much a user can do when the device is infected by Ransomware.

Therefore, experts suggest taking preventive measures including creating a back up of all important files, using up-to-date anti-virus software, installing browser extensions to detect malware, scanning emails, and encrypting internet traffic through VPN. Best Mac VPNs we have recommended above employ military grade encryption and leading edge protocols to secure the internet traffic of Netizens.


NSA's notorious data mining program, XKeyscore can monitor each and every online activity of Mac users. A Mac VPN is still considered the best defense against XKeyscore. Netizens who are concerned about this 24/7 unwanted surveillance can easily take back their privacy by using a Mac VPN.

A Mac VPN encrypts every users data stream, however it is important for privacy concerned users to use one of best VPNs for Mac all the time. Encrypting chunks of internet traffic is not recommended if the intention of user is to avoid XKeyscore, since occasional data encryption is highly noticeable and makes user's encrypted data a bigger target for the officials.

On the contrary, if users use Mac VPN to encrypt all of their data then no particular information would stand out. This will make it difficult for NSA and other spy agencies to dedicate huge resources on decrypting information that may or may not be of any use to them.

Things to Look for in Best Mac VPNs

There are certain factors, which netizens should take into account before selecting a VPN for Mac, Macbook, Mac Mini, iMac, iPad, iPhone or Mac Pro. All humans are created equal, but not all VPNs. Best VPN for Mac offers certain features that enable users to effectively geo-shift their location, download torrents anonymously, become invisible online and protect their data stream.

Therefore, to compare different Mac VPNs and identify the best among them, netizens should look for the following features in Mac VPNs. Our recommended VPNs will not fail our readers, and will help them to avoid situation like this user faced:

Tunneling Protocols for Mac VPN

Mac VPNs support PPTP or L2TP/IPSec tunneling protocols. Users can select Mac VPNs protocol as per their need or purpose. For instance, if an Australian user need to unblock Netflix US, Mac VPN's PPTP protocol can be used. On the contrary, for transmission of sensitive data online netizens are advised to use Mac VPN's L2TP/IPSec protocols.

PPTP offers good speed but its security is relatively low when compared with L2TP/IPSec. However, L2TP/IPSec slightly affect the internet speed, and is recommended for all online activities which users do not want anyone else to see.

Worldwide Mac VPN Servers

Best Mac VPNs have wide server networks distributed strategically worldwide. A widespread Mac VPN server network means users can easily switch between servers, change their virtual locations and bypass geo-blocking. For instance, if a Mac China VPN users wish to unblock HBO Now to watch Game of Thrones then the user will need a US IP address.

A Mac VPN server hides the original IP addresses and locations of the users and assigns new IP addresses according to the server connected to, thus enabling the users to bypass geo-restrictions. Moreover, widespread Mac VPN servers enable providers to offer stable speed to VPN users to enhance their overall online experience.

Internet Kill Switch

A lifesaver feature in best Mac VPNs is internet kill switch. This feature enables users using Mac VPN on MacBook VPN, Mac Mini VPN, iMac VPN, iPad/iPhone VPN and Mac Pro VPN to instantly kill their internet connection, in case if VPN connection is dropped.

A connection drop exposes the original IP address, identity and location of Mac VPN user. This lifesaving feature is offered by only the best Mac VPNs we have recommended above, which is specifically designed to protect users' privacy, identity and information.

Logging Policy

Logging policy is an important thing to consider in Mac VPN. The primary reason why millions are using VPN is to protect their privacy and data from cyber criminals, hackers, spy agencies, and ISPs. However, if a Mac VPN provider has a logging policy, indicating that provider will maintain the activity log of the user, then the very purpose of using a VPN with Mac is dead.

Avoiding unwarranted surveillance, taking back the privacy rights, and securing the datastream are few important reasons due to which people opt for a VPN provider for their Mac. It is important to select the VPN for Mac that maintains no activity log at all. Best Mac VPNs we have recommended above strictly follow the zero log policy, and therefore we recommend users of this site to select one from them.

Dedicated Customer Support

For majority of Mac users, configuring Fast VPN is no piece of cake. Therefore, in our following section we have provided a step-by-step guide for how to set-up Mac VPN. Though it is highly unlikely that users will encounter any problem in setting-up a Mac VPN after reading our guide, but we cannot rule out the possibility that users will face no problem at all.


For this very purpose, users are advised to select the Mac VPNs that have dedicated customer support teams. Best Mac VPNs we have recommended above have great customer support teams - trained to serve the customers and response to their every query. Just in case users need support in relation to their Mac VPN configuration, performance, security, billing etc. then they will have someone to talk to and find the solution of their problems. This is why we believe that dedicated customer support is a feature that determines if a VPN for Mac is best or not.

How to Setup Popcorn Time on Mac

The Popcorn Time fans can download the respective app on their Mac devices straightaway. You can visit the official website of the famous streaming platform and download the setup file. Once downloaded, install Popcorn Time on Mac instantly.

However, you should connect to a Popcorn Time VPN before streaming content. As Popcorn Time work on BitTorrent protocol, your actual IP address is visible copyright holders and ISPs.

To secure your online identity, you should know Popcorn Time VPN settings. For fast streaming, you can select PPTP protocol and connect to any server that is closed to your location. OpenVPN protocol is also good option, but it can compromise your streaming performance.  

Mac VPN for Torrenting

Torrenting is banned in many countries including UK, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Belgium, and France among others. Moreover, strict penalties have been introduced against those torrent lovers who download copyrighted material like movies, music, TV shows, books etc.

Torrent users identities are tracked by ISPs and/or government agencies through their IP addresses, which is visible to peers when they begin downloading. Mac VPNs for torrent cloak the user's IP address and changes their location, making it impossible for anyone to determine the identity of the user.

When a Mac user connects to a VPN server, the server hides the IP address and assign a new one on a different location, and peers, ISPs, copyright trolls and government agencies could only see the fake IP and fake location of the user.

Best Mac VPNs for torrenting also offer optimized and dedicated servers and unlimited bandwidth. This enables users to download anonymously whatever they want, whenever they want. Some Mac VPNs we have recommended above also come with feature like purpose selection, which allow users to select torrent as the purpose and then Mac VPN provider will automatically tune the VPN accordingly.

How to set-up Mac VPN in Eight Easy Steps?

There are two methods for setting up VPN on Mac. We would like to present the simple (automatic) one first, in which users just have to download their preferred VPN software for Mac, double click on executable file, install the software, and enjoy absolute data protection and anonymity.

The second one is a bit technical, and requires Mac users to manually configure the VPN. In the best interest of our readers, we have prepared a step-by-step guide to set-up Mac VPN on their devices manually. Users are free to choose either method, but we would recommend to go for the first one. However, those who wish to do it hard way (rather simple when the guide is followed), here are the steps to configure VPN on Mac:

Step 1 - Setting Up a Mac VPN

Go to the main menu of Apple and select "System Preference"


Step 2 - Setting Up a Mac VPN

In the Internet & Network section, users will find the "Network" icon. Click on it and a Network dialog box will open.


Step 3 - Setting Up a Mac VPN

In Network dialog box, users are required to add a new VPN connection for Mac, which can be done by clicking on the "+" icon.


Step 4 - Setting Up a Mac VPN

The "+" icon will open another dialog box with two options "Interface" and "Service Name".  Users then have to select "VPN" from the drop down menu of "Interface".


Step 5 - Setting Up a Mac VPN

When users will select the "VPN" from "Interface" drop down menu, a new option of "VPN Type" will appear.  In "VPN Type", users can select the protocols they want to use for encryption, like PPTP or L2TP over IPSec.


After selecting the "VPN Type" users are required to insert the "Service Name" of the connection, and then click on "Create".

Congratulation, a new connection has been created!

Step 6 - Setting Up a Mac VPN

After creating the new connection, users are required to provide Server Address, Account Name and Encryption. Looking closely users will also notice the "Authentication Settings" tab. In this tab, Mac users can enter the "Password" of their account or if L2TP over IPSec is selected then users can also enter the Shared secrete key. 


Step 7- Setting Up a Mac VPN

Users are also required to select the "Advance" tab appearing in the right side of the dialog box, where they have to select the option "Send all traffic over VPN connection". Once selected, then click "OK".


Step 8 - Setting Up a Mac VPN

Almost there, but remember to apply the changes done by clicking on "Apply" button. Once setting are applied, users just have to click the connect button to enjoy Mac VPN services. 


How to Setup Kodi VPN on iOS

There are two ways to setup Kodi VPN on iOS. Amongst the easiest way is to download an app for your preferred VPN for Kodi from Apple store.

Step 1: Sign-in to your VPN account > Tap Allow giving permission for VPN configuration automatically.

Step 2: You will be asked to enter your Passcode or Touch ID for changing VPN settings.

Step 3: VPN will be enabled > Launch Kodi > Enjoy streaming!

To configure VPN manually, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Go to Home Screen > Launch Settings > Tap VPN > Add VPN Configuration.

how to setup kodi vpn on mac

Step 2: Tap Type > Select either IKEv2, IPSec, or L2TP based on VPN type > Go to Add Configuration again and Enter VPN settings information.

how to setup kodi vpn on ios

Step 3: Enter your login and password > Tap on either Manual or Auto depending if you use a proxy > Tap Done.

kodi vpn mac settings

Step 4: Now ‘Switch On’ your status under the option VPN Configuration.

kodi vpn mac configuration

Step 5: Launch Kodi > Enjoy streaming geo-blocked media content.

kodi vpn mac installation

Step 6: Turn ‘Off’ when you are done using VPN if you have a free limited package > Go to Settings > VPN > Turn Off .

How to Setup Kodi VPN on Mac

Setting up Kodi VPN on Mac is an easy installation with Mac VPN apps for Kodi. However, there is another way to setup Kodi VPN on Mac described below:

Step 1: Open your web browser and type ‘PPTP Free VPN’ on Google. You will get a link of all the free VPN > Click on > When the website is opened click on Free VPN Accounts tab > Note the username, password, and the list of all servers.

vpnbook kodi mac

Step 2: Click Apple Menu > Select System Preferences > Networks.

mac vpn kodi apps

Step 3: Click on the Add (+) button which is present at the bottom left side of the box > Another box will appear with two sections i.e. Interface and Service Name.

mac vpn kodi interface


Step 4: Select VPN as an Interface Option > ‘VPN Type’ will appear, select PPTP > Type the Service Name ‘VPN’ > Click Create.

Step 5: Now moving onto the configuration, type on Server Address > For account Username type ‘vpnbook’ as highlighted in step 1 > Click Authentication Settings> Type the Password as provided.

mac vpn not configured on kodi

Step 6: Click Connect > Apply > If Username and Password is correct, then the VPN will be connected.

mac vpn kodi automatic

Step 7: Now Launch Kodi and enjoy geo-blocked media content streaming.

mac vpn for kodi geo blocked streaming


Protecting data, geo-shifting, and maintaining anonymity online has become easy, thanks to Mac VPN providers. We know how difficult it is to select the best Mac VPN from long list of providers, therefore we have tested as much Mac VPNs as we can to provide a list of best VPN for Mac in 2017. Our list is designed with the sole purpose to help our readers and select the best Mac VPN as per their needs.

Now, this is where we say good bye! If the information we have provided is of any help then please share it with others.